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World Marine Mammal Conference, Spain

The Snubfin Dolphin Project was very pleased to attend the World Marine Mammal Conference with Wilma Mavea and the two University Papua New Guinea postgraduate students, Lythiah Migizi and Jacinta Jonathan. It was an overwhelming experience for the PNG ladies, who learnt a lot and met a lot of international marine mammal researchers. Wilma presented […]

Wilma Mavea awarded prestigious travel grant to attend the World Marine Mammal Conference in Barcelona, Spain

Congratulations to Wilma Mavea who was awarded one of 18 international travel grants to attend the World Marine Mammal Conference in Barcelona, Spain. These grants are sponsored by the Society for Marine Mammalogy. Many thanks to SMM for supporting Wilma’s travel to the conference. The Snubfin Dolphin Project is looking forward to assisting Wilma with […]

Kikori Dolphin Public Report

The Snubfin Dolphin Project is pleased to announce the completion of a public report entitled: Looking for Pidu (Dolphins and Dugongs) in the Kikori Delta of Papua New Guinea. This report is co-authored by Wilma Mavea from University Papua New Guinea and was developed in collaboration with James Cook University, Piku Biodiversity Network, PNG Natural […]

Two new PNG postgraduate students to commence study at University Papua New Guinea

Congratulations to Jacinta Jonathan and Lythiah Mizigi who have been awarded the 2019 PIDU Research Scholarships. These scholarships are funded by Exxon Mobil PNG Ltd, and will research inshore dolphins in the Kikori Delta. The Snubfin Dolphin Project looks forward to support your research and university programs.